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Learning to Knit

In my previous blog post “Why knitting is good for you“, I outlined the reasons why I knit and why I think you should knit.

But what if you haven’t learned to knit, or have forgotten how*? Here are some ways to get started on your knitting journey …

(* And I bet you haven’t forgotten how – it will all come flooding back to you!)

Learn to knit from a friend or relative

Really. If you know someone who knits, then just ask them to show you how. Many of us knitters love to pass on our skills and take on the role of ‘knitting enabler’. Just ask!

Learn to knit at your local yarn shop

You local yarn shop will more than likely offer a range of workshops. And if they don’t, then ask them if they will set some up. It’s always good to support your local yarn shop. And on a related note, if you are travelling, then do check out the handy dandy roadtrip function on Ravelry to find yarn shops on your route.

Find a local knitting group

It is a common misconception that you need to be able to knit in order to join a knitting group. Do you have an interest in yarn and knitting (or crochet, or spinning, or weaving, or all of the above …)? You’re in. Do you like coffee and cake? Mine’s a latte and you’re in!

If you find a good local knitting group, you will never be short of people to help you to learn to knit, or to show you new techniques, or to show off their latest yarn acquisition, or to share pattern ideas (not the *actual* patterns – buy your own! Please read Louise Tilbrook’s blog post here about why pattern sharing is wrong … ).

How to find a local knitting group? Ask in your local yarn shop, or search online for “local knitting groups”.

Learn to knit at a fibre festival

Many local fibre festivals have an amazing array of workshops too, so why not take a look. Be warned – the workshops at popular events sell out really quickly, so you need to be prepared. Find the event that you want to attend and get on their email list so that you are  first to know when workshops are announced.

Learn to knit at a local workshop

OK, so you knew this was coming, didn’t you? Self-promotion alert …

Check out local venues that hold craft workshops. My current favourite is The Makers’ Cabin in Letchworth, Hertfordshire. Not only have I attended some excellent workshops there, but I teach there too. And wouldn’t you know it, I have some knitting workshops coming up … There is a series of workshops aimed at the complete beginner, plus a couple for those of you knitters who want to learn a few new skills. Hop over to the workshops page on my website for more details!

You can also check out the Knitting For All website which has a list of events and teachers around the UK and Ireland.

Learn to knit using online resources

There are so many great online resources that you can use too. My favourites are:

Knit Share Love (Clare Devine):

Clare has some excellent video tutorials on YouTube here. Each tutorial is very clear and uses slow motion video and easy to read sub titles. This is the channel I go to first if I want to learn a new technique or remind myself how to do the basics.

VeryPink Knits:

Staci at VeryPink Knits has a comprehensive set of knitting tutorials on YouTube. An index of her tutorials can be found here. This is a great resource for the beginner knitter.


At KnittingHelp.com you will find a whole host of resources suitable for beginners and more experienced knitters alike.


Craftsy is an online teaching platform where you will find a number of knitting classes suitable for all levels of experience. There are also some great knitting-related articles on the Craftsy blog too.

Facebook Groups

If you want to be part of an international knitting community why not check out some of the knitting-related Facebook groups. Louise Tilbrook hosts the very popular Everyday Knitter group where you will find loads of eager knitters willing to share their expertise.

How did you learn to knit? Join in the conversation in the comments below or over on the GardeningWitch Designs Facebook page.

And keep an eye out for my next few blog posts where I will be highlighting some simple knitting patterns, starting with shawls ….


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