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Sunday Showcase Part 3 – Stitch Markers

Welcome back to my occasional series of blog posts where I share a few details about a new product or part of my business that I’m particularly excited about.

In Part 1, I featured one of my project bags and in Part 2 I showed you my shawl pins. This week, the Sunday Showcase continues with my stitch markers.

Fixed Stitch Markers

When I was at Festiwool last year, someone admired my stitch markers, then asked me what they were for. A good question, which I will try to answer here!

The are a few reasons why I use stitch markers when I’m knitting or crocheting. Most importantly, I use them to keep track of where my stitches are, for example in a patterned section of my work – a carefully placed stitch marker after each pattern repeat makes it easier to catch mistakes sooner rather than later. It’s not foolproof – ask me how I know – but it helps! I tend to use non-removable stitch markers for this purpose, like those in the photo above. The thin Tigertail wire does not add bulk between the stitches on your needle.

If I’m working on something that seems to be taking FOREVER (garter stitch shawl, anyone?), then I like to slip a progress marker onto my work at the start of a knitting session so that I can see how much progress I have made (or not …). The lobster claw closure makes it easy to slip the marker around a stitch and off you go. These ‘snail’ progress markers often represent the speed at which I knit! Also useful as a removable stitch marker on your crochet project too.


Have you ever set down a crochet project, only to pick it up days (weeks, months …) later and find that you cannot remember what size hook you were using? Of course, you made a note of it, didn’t you? Problem solved – just fix one of these detachable markers onto your live stitch and it will be a permanent reminder of your hook size.

Crochet Hook Size Stitch Markers

And if you are using a stitch marker, why not make a statement about who you are and what you enjoy doing? I used to be a scientist in a previous life. Can you tell?

Science Progress Marker

And why not use them just because they are pretty? At an event for small business owners last year I met a fellow maker Yasmin Ali, the owner and creator behind Beadeze, the maker of contemporary handcrafted polymer clay jewellery. She was displaying her gorgeous jewellery at the event and I was instantly drawn to the beautiful beads that she uses in her pieces and I immediately wanted to use some to make some special stitch markers. You can read more about the collaboration here.

Polymer Clay Stitch Markers

Product presentation is important to me, so all my stitch markers are attached to a hand-decorated card and enclosed in a cellophane bag, making it an ideal gift for the knitter or crocheter in your life. Or treat yourself to something pretty (and pretty useful) just for you!

And they are all handmade by me!

If you want to get your hands on some stitch markers or progress keepers, there are some of each of the different types available in the GardeningWitch Design’s ETSY shop in the Stitch Markers section.

Stay tuned for more Sunday Showcase features …


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