Sunday Showcase Part 2 – Shawl Pins

Welcome back to my occasional series of blog posts where I share a few details about a new product or part of my business that I’m particularly excited about.

Last time I featured one of my project bags. This week, the Sunday Showcase continues with my shawl pins.


Apart from being a purely functional item to keep your shawl from flying away, a shawl pin can be a decorative thing too. I know someone that wears one of my shawl pins on her jumper, like a brooch. And why not?

I make my shawl pins from aluminium wire, either in a gold or silver colour. They are lightweight and so will not drag your shawl or scarf out of shape.

Each shawl pin that I make is slightly different, but each one is carefully finished to ensure that there are no sharp ends to snag your beautiful shawl.

Shawl Pin In Use

The shawl pin is in two parts – the decorative bit, and the pin bit which you thread through your shawl or scarf. The pin is not very sharp, and so will not work well with a woven fabric, unless the fabric is very open.

Shawl Pin In Use

I form the wire into shape and then work-harden it to make it more robust, although as with any object made from wire, care must be taken not to bend it repeatedly which will cause it to snap!

I like to pay attention to presentation, so each shawl pin is attached to a hand-decorated card and enclosed in a cellophane bag, making it an ideal gift for shawl-wearer in your life. Or just treat yourself to a unique accessory to secure your own shawl or scarf!


And they are all handmade by me!

I was concerned about how my shawl pins would survive in the post, but I pack each one in a rigid cardboard postal box with extra padding to protect it during transit. I posted one to myself to check it out – it works!

Shawl Pin Postage Box

If you want to get your hands on one, there are a limited number available in the GardeningWitch Design’s ETSY shop in the Shawl Pins section.

Finally, have you ever struggled to find the best way to wear your shawl? Take a look at this useful tutorial from Tin Can Knits.

Stay tuned for more Sunday Showcase features …



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