#yarnlovechallenge week 3

YarnLoveChallenge Week 3

Following on from the summaries of Week 1 and Week 2 of #yarnlovechallenge, here is a round up of the third week’s posts:

Day 15: Family. This is one of my favourite old photos, showing me, my sister, my Mum and my Gran. I’m the littlest one. My Mum taught me to sew and knit, and cook, and how to garden … I wish she could see what I was up to now, and how she influenced my crafty life.


Day 16: Happy Colour. I do love rainbow colours, and the only thing better than knitting a rainbow is spinning one up first! I love this fibre from Porpoise Fur.


Day 17: Fibre Friends. I have a good friend who owns a couple of sheep, Madge and Mabel. Sometimes a bag containing their newly-shorn fleece turns up on my doorstep. Now that truly is a good Fibre Friend.


Day 18: Gratitude. This week I was grateful for the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with my best knitting friend. We don’t often get the chance to get together, but we spent a couple of hours knitting and plotting our visit to Edinburgh Yarn Festival. And she made shortbread!


Day 19: On The Go. After a long day on the go, there’s not much that’s better than a G&T and some knitting. What could possibly go wrong?!


Day 20: Handmade Home. Not only do I have a handmade home, but so does my Dad after I made these placemats and coasters for his 90th birthday. Oh, and the card is handmade by me too.


Day 21: Library. Just a few of my knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving books … and there’s a good selection of sewing and embroidery books in my library too.


Final instalment next week …

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