#yarnlovechallenge week 2

YarnLoveChallenge Week 2

Following on from the Week 1 summary of #yarnlovechallenge, here is a round up of the second week’s posts:


Day 8: Where I Craft. When the weather is nice, I love to craft outside in the garden, though usually I can be found sewing in the dining room or knitting on the sofa. And of course I always carry some Emergency Knitting when I’m out and about, because you never know when there might be a spare moment …


Day 9: Tools. My most important crafting tools are my hands, and when I had to have surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in September last year, I realised just how much I miss crafting when I can’t do it! Mind you, it didn’t stop me going on the GLYC2016 just a few days after the operation. And wearing a comedy bandage/sling combination didn’t prevent me from making a few yarny purchases …


Day 10: Oldest Stash. Maybe not the oldest, but it’s up there! Apologies for the very poor picture. The yarn for this man’s sweater was bought in the 80s, from a lovely little yarn shop a couple of doors down from where I was working at the time. I nearly finished the jumper, but then wrist problems struck and I had to give up knitting for a while. 20-something years later, I took it up again, and finished the jumper, but it was way too big for anyone I knew, so it became stash yarn again. I’m still trying to find the perfect project …


Day 11: Travel Projects. So, when packing for a holiday, who packs all the craft projects before even thinking about clothes? This is my quite restrained (you should see what I left out ….) bag full of knitting, crochet and spinning projects for a week on holiday at Morpeth Castle. And thanks to Treacle Wool Shop I came home with more yarn! How many projects do you take on holiday?


Day 12: Progress. I sometimes like to use a progress marker to see how much I knitting I have managed to do in a session. This was yesterday whilst watching rugby. Not much progress but plenty of shouting! And you can take the girl out of science …


Day 13: Selfie. Not much more to say, really!


Day 14: Yarn Love. For today’s post, I picked out some special yarn. I managed to bag these skeins of Juno Fibre Arts yarn while it was still available. Still looking for a worthy project (though I think I might have found one…).


More next week …

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