#yarnlovechallenge week 1

YarnLoveChallenge Week 1

At the beginning of February, a challenge was started by Mary Heather and Christina from Ravelry. The challenge is to post on Instagram or Ravelry every day in February related to the day’s theme:


After posting for a few days, it occurred to me that I’d like to capture what I’ve posted in a slightly more permanent form, so I’m planning to summarise my #yarnlovechallenge posts here weekly …

Day 1: Here’s my introduction: My name is Jane and I am the owner of GardeningWitch Designs. I make accessories for the yarn crafter such as project bags, stitch markers and shawl pins. I started my career as a research biochemist, later moving into IT as an analyst programmer then a business analyst. However, I have always crafted – I knit, sew, crochet, spin and weave. And I love gardening. I live in a very small village in rural Bedfordshire with hubby and our dog, Tali.

GardeningWitch Designs

Day 2: close-up. Our wonderful dog, Tali, in his usual pose …

Tali in close-up

Day 3: currently making. Naturally, I’m making more than one thing at once. I wonder why I don’t finish much? Today it is the turn of the Knit Night shawl by Inspiration Knits using a wonderfully cheerful yarn from Countess Ablaze which was dyed with assistance from Jo Milmine from the Shinybees Podcast. I love the pattern. I love the yarn. The perfect combination.

Knit Night with Countess Ablaze

Day 4: Speed. I think this progress marker sums up the speed of my knitting. I’ve had various wrist problems over the years, and more surgery last September reminded me that I needed to slow down …


Day 5: Community. This photo, taken at Festiwool in 2014, shows some of what the yarn community means to me. As well as all the wonderful folk I have met and interacted with online, a big thing for me was joining my local knitting group in Hitchin. Shortly after I lost my lovely Mum, I needed the comfort of people who shared my yarn passion, so I joined the newly-formed Hitchin Stitchin back in 2009. There I met some great people and made some strong and lasting friendships, including with the Other Jane in the photo. Being in that group led to the first outing for my business at Festiwool, and the rest is history… Jane and I can often be found out and about at yarn gatherings, our next one being a trip to Edinburgh Yarn Festival, where I hope to connect with more people from this fantastic yarny community!

Festiwool 2014

Day 6: Mistakes. Spot the ‘deliberate’ one. Shawl pattern is Zelda by Truly Myrtle . Mistakes are all my own.

Day 7: Stripes. What to choose! Striped socks? A striped shawl? Or the colourful stripes on the loom that I warped up yesterday?

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