Festiwool 2016

Festiwool at North Herts College

Festiwool will always be special for me. Back in 2014 it was my first outing as GardeningWitch Designs. I shared a stall with my very good friend, Jane, who was selling her lovely crocheted jewellery as Knitted Jam.

GardeningWitch Designs at Festiwool 2014
Two Janes in animated conversation!


I was very nervous – would people like my products? Would they buy from me? Would I make a total fool of myself?

I need not have worried. The day went well, we had an excellent spot right by the entrance, and I had a great time. And people actually bought my stuff. I even had an order from a Real Shop!

So, when Festiwool 2015 came around, I signed up immediately.

GardeningWitch Designs at Festiwool 2015
Looking slightly awkward at Festiwool 2015

Not such a great position, being tucked away at the back, but I was pleased with sales, and met loads of lovely people.

And here we are in 2016. Festiwool was last weekend and I was there for my third year. Having had hand surgery in September, my pre-show making activities were almost non-existent, but I still had quite a bit of stock – enough to fill my table:

GardeningWitch Designs at Festiwool 2016
Festiwool 2016 – the calm before the storm …

As usual, the weather was awful, but there were plenty of visitors. I made new friends and caught up with old ones. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello. And thanks especially to my lovely friends who helped me on the day and made sure that I was not short of coffee and cake! Takings were down on previous years, and I need to work out why, but all in all it was another great Festiwool.

Hubby was a real star, transporting me to and from the event, unpacking and packing the car in the rain so that I could stay dry.

And at the end of the day, when I got home, this was waiting for me …

After Festiwool 2016
Post-Festiwool 2016

Same time next year? Probably …

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