Makers collaborate.


Earlier this year I attended a series of events for small business owners. I still have to remind myself that I AM a small business owner, really I am. Not just an imposter in a room full of talented and intelligent folk. But I digress …

It was at one of these events that I met fellow maker Yasmin Ali, the owner and creator behind Beadeze, the maker of contemporary handcrafted polymer clay jewellery. She was displaying her gorgeous jewellery at the event and I was instantly drawn to the beautiful beads that she uses in her pieces. We got chatting about the beads, which she makes herself, and I was captivated by her enthusiasm for her making. And by the fresh, bright colours and intricate patterning on her handrolled, polymer clay beads.

Here’s what Yasmin says, in her own words:

“I’ve always had a passion for crafts and in 2012 I got into making jewellery. I started handcrafting pieces for friends and family and they were so popular that a year later I set up Beadeze. I really enjoyed designing jewellery but I became frustrated because I couldn’t always find the right colours – then I discovered polymer clay.

With polymer clay jewellery I can create a myriad of colours. I’m like an alchemist, mixing different-coloured clays until I get the perfect pink. Or turquoise. Or peppermint green. And when I’ve got the perfect colour tones, I’ll blend them to make gorgeously eye-catching patterns.

I find inspiration for colours and patterns all around me – blue sea and sandy beaches… autumnal hues of red and gold… Spring’s gorgeous greens… the rich tones of a Moroccan restaurant… the sun going down on a lake with its dark-blue water and milky-white reeds…”

Now I make stitch makers. With beads. Wouldn’t it be great to use Yasmin’s handmade polymer clay beads to make some special stitch markers? To collaborate with a local maker?

We met for coffee to discuss the idea, and Yasmin brought some sample beads with her. How to choose? They were all so stunning. In the end, I settled for ‘Graphite Crackle’ in a matt and a gloss finish, and ‘Turquoise Swirl’ in a matt finish. Yasmin made the beads, and it was a Good Post Day when they arrived. Thanks, Yasmin!



They are beautifully made, each one unique. I couldn’t wait to make some into stitch markers.

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So, a collaboration between two Bedfordshire-based makers was born. I love it when a plan comes together!


If I can bear to part with them, I will make some stitch markers from Yasmin’s lovely beads for the shop soon …

Before you go, please take a look at the Beadeze website and support another local maker.



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