The Year Of The Birthday

So, last time I posted was over a year ago. I was just about to have a significant birthday and was looking forward to a year of treats.

Well, the birthday came and went, and we managed to have some wonderful treats, including a trip to New York and a couple of concerts (The Stranglers and Eric Church).

Then things went a bit pear shaped in the summer when we were burgled. We were away for the weekend, so no-one was hurt, but the burglars had time to do a pretty comprehensive search though the house and garage. They took hubby’s power tools and my car, but the worst thing for me was that they managed to chisel out the safe which contained all my jewellery, including the beautiful diamond earrings that hubby had bought me for my birthday, and all the jewellery that I had inherited from my late mother and grandmother. I thought it was safe in the safe. Wrong. Anyway, the rest of the year was taken up with insurance claims, security enhancements and the like. The scumbags were not caught, but if they ever are, I have a few things I’d like to say to them …

However, onwards and upwards.

I still knit and spin. I now crochet a little too. The dog is well, we have three hens and no bees. And we have an awful lot of courgettes and tomatoes growing in the garden…

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